This one is for you 

To the abusers, the ones who passed me onto the next, to the ones who gave me a home, and to the ones who’d change their minds about me whenever I would resent. Thank you.

I know you’re reading this and thinking, “why are you thanking them?”. Well, believe it or not everyone that has crossed my path while growing up has left a special imprint into my heart.


 I say once more, this one is for you.

You mistreat me with your words, and made me think that I wasn’t worthy. You made me tell my social worker that I was happy, and that I was in a great and safe home. You taught me how to lie and hide my happiness. When I ask someone how they are and they respond with, “I’m fine” I often hear my younger self, and wonder if they are truly fine. You taught me how to sincerely hear people, and to hear their words as they tremble with sorrow just as mine once did. For this I thank you…


You taught me how to not be like you.    









To the ones who gave up one me

You taught me how to never lose hope in a person. When I wanted comfort and there wasn’t any to be given, you showed me how I needed to be there for someone else in the future when they were in the same shoes as me. You showed me what it was like to have someone give up on a person. It was so easy for you. I never want to make another human feel that way. For this, thank you, because I will never be like you.

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  1. I love that you are blogging it’s incredible and you are so gifted. I know we don’t speak as often as I would like but I hope you never think I passed you on or gave up on you ..i know you needed more than I could give and Amy and Jeff were a gift from God to you. I miss you though Nina Fresa..and am so proud of you

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