16 Not so interesting facts about me

  1. I am a Taurus (Born in April & 21 years old)
  2. First car: 2015 Camry in the color ‘Blue Crush’




3. The most embarrassing mistake that I have ever made, but learned a huge lesson from: Don’t drink through peer pressure, or in my case “sibling” pressure. No seriously, don’t do it. Caution: You may wake up with your state plate nowhere to be found, leaving you toothless for the next week. (luckily for me, I was able to get a rush on mine, and had it within 72 hours. Thanks mom!)

4. My pet dog Minnie Mouse loves anything with a squeaky in it, and an abundance of socks! (she prefers smelly ones but we advise her to let us wash them first) Side note: she’s not a huge fan of fidget spinners.



5. I’m pretty sure that i’m my own role model. I am in no means any way too into myself, but I tend to look up to myself because when I sit back and think about how much that i’ve overcome and gone through, i get butterflies. I’m in awe of the persistence and thrive that I sometimes see in myself. Who wouldn’t want to be their own role model?

6. I have some serious soul searching to do. I can’t seem to decide which career path to pursue. (Vet tech, Architecture, Law, Acting) Lets just say i’m all over the place.

7. Favorite hobby? I’ve got more than one! From art, to writing, and photography! From teaching myself how to play the keyboard, to making my own crafty DIY’S! I enjoy trying new things and love even more when I find myself enjoying it.


8. Vape life. Just kidding. But no seriously, I love tropical flavors. Any recommendations?

9. Surgeries: I’ve had a total of four. Two on my right hip, two on my left foot. It’s been a long road to recovery since 2014 but I like to think I’m in good hands.

10. Aside from the not so obvious previous posts, I grew up in the Foster Care System. I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

11. My vision changes like theres no tomorrow. I’ve received new glasses with a new prescription almost every year since 2014. On the upside, new frames. On the downside? The cost adds up. Anyone else have this problem?

12. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year now, but have known one another for about six years! (Might I add, he sure is a keeper)

13. I left my glasses at my nephews birthday party, so I had to scrounge for an old pair I had laying around. (They are missing a leg)

14. My favorite color is black( I know I know, black “isn’t a color”), teal and gold.

15. Favorite tv show? Without a doubt Gossip Girl! Blaire is my inner soul. I love her fashion, attitude, and persistence! You go Blaire!

16. I once chopped off my beautiful long hair into a pixie cut all in the comfort of my own home! Would i do it again? Let’s just say if i ever did, i’ll leave that to the professionals.



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