What do you do when your life is turned upside down as quick as a blink of an eye?
Who do you call?
Who is the first person that you want to talk to?

Here’s a trick question; What if the person that you wanted to talk to was the “why” your life had suddenly turned upside down? What do you do?

I spent what felt like a lifetime believing in people when these words would spill out of their mouth; “You will always be family. You will always have a home. We aren’t letting you go anywhere. You can count on me. You are family,”.

I cannot count the amount of times that I’ve heard these very words only for it to turn out completely different than I could have anticipated.

Five years

Five years down the drain in just a matter of seconds.

Things were said,  yet not enough was said. How do you go from this to that so quickly…..

These past two weeks have felt like a heartbreak. Correction; it was a heartbreak. It still is. I lie in my bed at night as I think of the memories that was once shared while looking at the ceiling of my new room, in my new home, with my new roommates. Even though I know what happened, I cant help but to ask myself what went wrong. I almost sound like a broken record…..

Two weeks.

Two weeks is all its been and even though I feel numb I know that I’m still so well off given my circumstances.

Here’s to me

Here’s to me for keeping my head held high and continuing to push through all of the hardships that life has thrown my way.

Although I wish things could have ended in a different way, all books must come to an end.

With that comes a new one.


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