Having the blues got me out of the blues. 

Not the color blue, but rather the emotional state of just feeling glum. It was the feelings of not being enough that got me from where I was (depressed) to where I am now (no longer in that state of mind) 

Going to the gym has helped. Wow does that make a difference. Even though I’m not where I would like to be, I feel so much better inside and out. Thats enough to keep me going. 

I used to think that being in foster care and experiencing the things that I had been through at such a young age had to do with why I thought the way that I did. I was very closed off, and I was very angry with life. 


Perspective is what lead me there, and perspective is what lead me out. 

Who would have ever thought that such a word could have such a powerful meaning. 

I was young then and didn’t understand what that meant let alone how to overcome those feelings and thoughts.

I wonder if I would even be the same person had I not gone through the things that I have been through. I wonder if ‘perspective’ would have had a different meaning to me. 

I’ve tried to look at things from all angles, and even though the angle that I was given was indubitably wrong, I’d do it all over again. 

I am honest. I am humble. I am thankful. 

Getting out of this dark place has not been an easy one. I wake up every morning hoping to overcome those negative thoughts that try to take over. With a new day comes new hopes. 


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