It’s possible to feel as though you can’t feel anything while feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders too. it’s been seven months since I’ve been telling myself every morning that it gets easier.

Perhaps the laughter of others, or the music to my ears is what keeps me pushing through the day. 

School and work take such a toll on me but who knows, maybe thats whats keeping me going as well. Although I don’t feel a sense of purpose, it does give me purpose. I have so much to get done throughout the day that there just isn’t enough time to actually sit down, think, and gather my thoughts in that way anymore. There have been small moments here and there that I give into. I often do wonder how I am able to keep up with this schedule.. I often get told by others that they don’t know how I do it. I guess I just don’t really think about it like that. 

To break it down; I wake up at 2:30 in the morning and my days don’t end until 10:45-11:00PM. I go to sleep, wake up at 2:30AM and repeat the same schedule five more times. I used to get two days off, but work is crazy, so I’ve been going in on Saturdays. Between going to school full time, the commute, and the hours that school and work are, there is barely enough time for me to breathe. It’s been a while since I’ve written and posted and I guess now you know why. I wish I could have more time to dedicate my writing to my blog but after getting the hang of this schedule, I’m trying my best  to get back into it.I feel like my writing is an escape or outlet that allows me to let things out (How obvious). I’m hoping it can be an outlet for others as well. So, here’s to more writing, less stressing, and hopefully more accomplishments. 

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