The home with the playground in the backyard.


The place where he got into trouble for trying to show me how to open the garage door. He got into trouble. I didn’t.

She had a Trampoline, took us to the boardwalk, and had a bunny.

The place where I got to a wear a big pretty black dress for back to school night.

This lady had a drawer full of gum.

Ms. S

Mr. T

She didn’t have a drawer full of gum, but she had a drawer full of different kinds of candy.

Three shelters.

One group home. Losh

The one where she didn’t believe in shaving. Her house was cool.

She worked in a Laboratory in Livermore.

She was my Fresa, and I was her Nina Fresa..

I thought I had found my forever home. My Fairy’GodMother.

 13 temporary homes, 3 shelters, 1 group home – 0 forever homes


 – Foster Care

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