When you begin to realize that everything happens for a reason, you stop fighting the what if’s and the why me’s. you can go back to the memories and reminisce on the old times, but you can’t get it back and that’s what sucks the most.

I wish I would have known what I had. I wish I would have cherished those moments, because If I had known they were my last, perhaps I would have held onto it a little bit longer, and a little bit tighter.

That’s the thing about memories. You don’t even realize it could be your last moment until years pass by and you’re thinking back in time.

I wish time could slow down. I wish time could allow us to rewind so that we could have one last moment of that moment. I’d give anything to hug my grandmother again, and id do anything to experience that one time. That one time that we always seem to think about still hits home. Those “what if’s” still cross my mind.

This doesn’t mean I’m not happy where I am, it doesn’t mean I wish things were different, but if we had the opportunity to go back and experience that one time, or feel those hugs from grandma, would we?

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